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Guidelines to Illness

Summerhill’s Little Treasures is committed to the health and safety of all children and staff who play, develop and work here. As such, it will sometimes be necessary for an ill child to be collected early from nursery or be kept at home whilst they get better.

In accordance with the procedures set out in the Health, Illness and Emergency policy, parents/carers will be notified immediately if their child has become ill and needs to go home. Poorly children will be comforted, kept safe and under close supervision until they are collected.

If you feel that your child is not able to take part in everyday activities at nursery (which take place both outside and inside most days), due to illness then you should decide whether your child is well enough to be in nursery.

As you are aware, illness spreads very quickly with young children.  
With this in mind we are sure you will agree that any measures preventing the spread of illness are in the interest of all your children.

Returning After An Illness

It is difficult to advise on the length of time children should be away from the nursery with other childhood illnesses.  Obviously children vary in their reaction to illnesses – some may have mild cases and recover quickly, whilst others are very poorly and take much longer to recover.  If you are in doubt please speak to a member of staff for advice.  In line with the Infectious and Communicable Diseases Policy the following should be adhered to. 


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