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Play is a vital part of young children’s learning. Through play, children explore ideas, feelings and relationships. Play helps to promote risk taking, allows them to make mistakes and try things out without them failing. Quality play promotes confidence and well-being.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Young children are active learners. From birth they have a need to make sense of their world. They long to explore, examine and understand it.People who help us People who help us


We believe it is important to extend the Children’s joy, imagination and excitement of the natural world around them.

Mark making with dinosaursMark making with dinosaurs


Encouraging them to explore real and imaginary worlds and form positive social relationships. 


Through a wide range of play activities we encourage children to explore their environment. 




It is vital for their development that this play takes place both inside and outside, please be aware that as play throughout the day is of a free flow nature (meaning children are free to move around as they choose), the doors remain open in all but severe weather conditions.

                                                                    With this in mind, please consider carefully whether, in the event of your child being ill, they should attend the nursery on that day as they will have access to the outdoors whilst the doors are open.

 Mark making with vehiclesMark making with vehicles

Please don’t send your child in their best clothes. We cannot take responsibility for wear and tear on clothes.


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