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Within Summerhill’s Little Treasures, meal times are viewed as an important opportunity to develop social skills and independence. Children are seated using appropriate furniture and cutlery as they enjoy their meals together in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Breakfast, dinner, tea and snacks are served and are part of a nutritiously balanced diet, avoiding large quantities of fat, salt, additives, preservatives and colourings.  Our meals are provided by an in house cook.



We work closely with the parents / carers to ensure that all dietary needs are catered for.

Children attending afternoon sessions are expected to have eaten lunch before they arrive.

Babies taking solids can be offered the hot meal liquidised to meet their individual needs. Parents and staff will work together in partnership to ensure continuity of care.


Sample Menu

◊   Breakfast consists of a choice of cereal, milk, water or juice
◊   Snack consists of fresh fruit, milk, water or juice.
◊   Lunch consists of a range of high quality, hot, nutritious food prepared by the cook. Menus are available on the parent board.
◊   A light tea is served at approx. 3.30. This consists of sanwiches/wraps, soup, crackers etc. We presume all children eat a family meal when they leave nursery.


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